Solar. Simple.

Sol Provider, your trusted solar broker, monitors your switch to solar that is seamless and painless. 

Covid-19 safety: We take all proper safety measures when visiting your home. 

  Why Use A Solar Broker?

Zero Broker Fees

We pride ourselves in delivering  the best deals for our clients, so all brokers fees are waived. 

Have a trusted solar
expert on your side

Having a trusted adviser like Sol Provider on your side ensures that you get the right equipment, a fair contract and the best value. After all, we are the experts, so you don’t have to be.

Have dozens of solar companies
compete for your business

Each vendor has numerous solutions but we have access to all solutions on the market – this allows us to find the best one for you.

Save time and money
by using a solar broker

Switching to solar energy can be time consuming. If you don’t have all the correct information you may end up overpaying or not moving forward at all. Using a broker gives you peace of mind.

Our brokers will present you
multiple offers to review

Because of our massive network and unique process, we make sure you get the best deal and the perfect system for your home.


Go Solar Today!

Cut your energy bill by up to half with no upfront costs.

Solar is the most affordable form of energy on the market. No matter how small or big your installation is, solar energy will deliver you instant electric bill savings.

Increase your
property value

Data has shown that homes equipped with clean energy systems sell twice as fast and sell at a premium relative to others in the same market.

Protect the environment 

Not only is solar a great way to save money, but also helps decrease your carbon footprint.

How it works 

1. Meet your broker
2. Choose the right solution

One of our experts will come to your home, gather all necessary information, and be your personal advisor to you at every phase of the process. 

With our guidance, we will explore the many options and choose the one that’s best suited for you and your wallet.

3. Sit back and enjoy your
newfound energy

Sol Provider will get quotes from multiple vendors and simplify the numbers for you. Our partners and us will take care of the rest, keeping you up to date along the way.

Our Solar Manufacturer Partnerships

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