SOL-PROVIDER is an authorized solar brokerage, that addresses the common fears and misconceptions that are in the residential solar industry.  We have partnered up with the best installers and finance companies in the country, in order to be able to offer the best solar experiences, products, and rates.  We pull back the curtain behind the solar industry to show homeowners their best solar option. We provide custom solar programs using only top of the line products and services that can fit any homeowners current or future energy needs.   


SOL-PROVIDER is based out of Murrieta, CA, and serves all of California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Texas and Minnesota. It is owned and operated by Zack Tannler and Sean Noel, who both have been in the solar industry for a combined 10+ years. Zack and Sean have worked for many different solar companies before coming together to form their own. If interested in going solar with Sol Provider, all we do is simply schedule for a senior solar consultant to video chat with you, all at no cost, and see if solar is a good fit for you. We are not about pushy sales tactics, and let our numbers and guarantees do our talking.


SOL-PROVIDER is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality service. We pride ourselves on taking care of the homeowner from the first consultation, all the way through their installation and beyond. We use only top tier solar panels and equipment of the highest grade, installed by the highest rated and certified installers in the industry. We provide only the best for our customers and nothing less! Sol-Provider takes pride in making going solar simple, affordable and worry free, which is why we ONLY have 5 star ratings on Google and Yelp!