Power Storage


LG is one of the most trusted electronic manufacturers in the world due to their state-of-the art technology. The LG Chem RESU pairs well with solar panel systems especially in areas where utility company has removed or reduced net metering.


Tesla’s home battery, Powerwall, makes it possible to store clean energy and make it available during power outages. Combined with Clean Initiative’s expert installation team, this is a winning combination.

Charge it.

The process can be fairly simple. Your solar system will produce clean power from the sun that will power your home. Store excess power in your battery for power outages or during peak demands where you can use it seamlessly.

Monitor it.

We understand your life is full and busy. Thats why there is monitoring available where we can make sure your system and battery are working cohesively. Simple, easy, and hands-off.

Protect your home.

By having energy available at all times, you will be able to power your essentials such as your lights, refrigerator, and most medical devices. Nothing is more important than protecting your family during a power outage. Let your battery be your safety net.



How does a home battery work during an outage?

Your battery will disconnect from the utility grid and bring power in to the home quickly and seamlessly. Your solar system will continue to charge the battery as intended.

How much power will a home battery hold?

Your battery will store between 9.8kWh - 13.5 kWh depending on the model with a maximum rating of 5.0 kilowatts. This is enough power to last a day or two, depending on how the energy is being used.

What if I already have an operating solar system?

The LG Chem RESU can be installed if you don’t have solar or if you already have a working system.

Is just one battery going to be enough for my home?

For most homeowners one battery will be plenty of storage space. It is possible to install multiple batteries for homeowners that need to store more power.

Where does a home battery get installed?

A battery can be installed inside or outside the home depending on the scope of work. Contact one of our specialists for more details.

What are the necessary steps to get a home battery installed?

One of our program advisors will will collect your home’s historical energy usage and help you pick the right option for you. It usually takes a day or so to complete the installation process.